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About France 

I have always been fascinated by healing touch and by the sensitivity that is required for refined manual skills. It has been an ongoing interest and learning experience.

I was raised in an environment of music and movement education (Dalcroze Eurhythmics), and through the years have successively learned body improvisation, yoga, contact improvisation, tap dancing, Taï Chi, flamenco, salsa and Qi-gong. I have been constantly looking to find how to have ease of movement which is supported by a resilient and receptive body.

I first came into contact with Rolfing Movement®Rolfing® and the Rolf Institute in 1983, when I was studying at the Boulder School of Massage Therapy in Colorado. I was learning Swedish massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Neo-Reichien massage, Dietetics and other basic medical knowledge. Since I was a child I have been interested in learning therapeutic manual skills for treatment and care. At that time, nothing existed in Geneva.

I was surprised by the immediate impact of a Rolfing Movement session on my body. Straight away I received the support needed to access an unsuspected feeling of lightness and unity. It was as if for the first time my most intimate identity was connected to an unthinkable potential of ease through my physical capacities. From then on, everything was possible. I knew that I had in my hands an incredible tool that would allow me to transmit to whoever wanted to receive it, a nourishing and organic experience, full of life and hope.

I have had a passion for Rolfing since 1985, and I would like to continue to share this passion.

Today, besides the pleasure of transmitting through my hands a sense of comfort, alignment, a feeling of being centred, potential for movement and expression, what is most important to me is to have my clients acquire some autonomy in knowing themselves in an organic way. I am fascinated to see them have access to fluidity and solidity, and I feel privileged to be the witness of a more complete expression of their personality.

The force of gravity, as it pertains to the human body, seems at first to be an abstract idea, but with time and appropriate awareness it becomes a familiar and lasting ally. I hope that by passing on the tools to best integrate gravity I will be able to teach my clients how to benefit from life experience and to increase their movement options at every moment.

Diplomas and continuing education 

Diplomas & certificates

  • Massage Therapist (1984)

  • Rolfing Movement practitioner (1986)

  • Rolfer (1990)

  • Posturology (1996)

  • Equivalency in Complementary Therapies (2008)

  • Rolfing Movement Instructor (1994)

  • Rolfing Instructor (2007)

  • Adult trainer (2008)


Continuing education 

  • Rehabilitation of traumas (Bill Smythe & Peter Levine)

  • SGSI- Structural Analysis and Normal Fucntion (Willy Harder, Hans Flüri)

  • Visceral Osteopathy (Didier Prat)

  • Osteopathy and endocrinien system (René Zweedijk)

  • Thermodiagnosis & specific myofascial techniques (Peter Schwind)

  • Cranio-sacral Therapy (Jean Arlot)

  • Articular & myofascial osteopathic techniques (Jean-Pierre Barral)

  • Whiplash treatment, articular & myofascial osteopathic specific techniques (Alain Croisbier)

  • Functional rehabilitation of gesture (Hubert Godard)

  • Non-Violent Communication from Marshall Rosenberg (Anne Bourrit)

  • Jungien body work on the « Dreambody » (Arnold Mindell)

  • Osteophony (Françoise Lombard)

  • Couples’ therapy based on Imago Therapy by Harville Hendrix (Hedy & Yumi Schleifer)

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