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Courses & workshops 

Rolfing Movement work leads us to explore our habitual modes of perceptions and movement in a context where gravity force, through posture, plays a preponderant role.

The courses is addressed to clients who want to consolidate the effects of the 10 sessions of Rolfing® and to those of you who want to have access to postural alignment alone through self-education exercises. The courses can be individual or collective. There is no fascial manipulation.

The collective course are organized by cycle of seven. Everyone can come with their questions and needs. The cycle of 10 courses allows one to become autonomous regarding his/her physical well-being.

If appropriate to each individual we also consider pattern recognition in order to understand the basic elements that give access to fluid coordination and better stability.

Following the same objectives approached in the Rolfing sessions, we will explore together 3 to 5 gentle and structured exercises giving access to:

- breathing freely

- sitting comfortably

- effortless postural alignment

- balanced and dynamic walking

- fluid coordination of mouvements

- natural expressiveness

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courses are limited to 6 persons


9 collective classes of Rolfing Mouvement 

     for clients or any other interested people

Monday from 6:00 to 7:15 pm

January 8, 29 

February 12, 26 

March 11, 25 

April 8, 22

May 6 

Thursday from 12:15 to 1:30pm

January 11, 25 

February 15, 29 

March 7, 14, 28  

April 18 

May 2

Collective course

cycle of 7 courses

Duration : 1h15

Rates :
4 participants : CHF 400.–
5 participants : CHF 350.–
6 participants : CHF 300.–
7 participants : CHF 250.–
8 participants : CHF 200.–

Frequency :
about every 2 weeks



Duration : 3h /workshop

Rate per workshop :
4 participants : CHF 80.–
5 participants : CHF 75.–
6 participants : CHF 70.–
7 participants : CHF 65.–
8 participants : CHF 60.–


3 rue Beau-Site

1203 Geneva


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Contact & registration

In order to know the dates of the next collective courses, or in order to organize an individual course, I invite you to contact me :

by phone : +41 (0)22 344 59 04

by email :


Through different exercises, we will be able to perceive, refine and expand the unfolding of our body into space and thanks to stable references, feel the stake of our dialogue with gravity.

It is thanks to the lively and secure interaction between rolfer and participant that primary tensions preceding movement will be identified and a new exploration reached. The field of our gestuary and expressive capacities will be therefore opened by new coordinations and a wider modulation of our postural attitude.

© 2018 by France Hatt-Arnold          Tél. +41 22 344 59 04

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