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Individual sessions

Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm
Wednesday and Thursday from 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Duration: 1h15 
Rate: CHF 180.– (minus 30.- when no complementary insurance)

For children
Duration: 45 minutes
Rate: CHF 108.–

For toddlers (babies up to 6) 

Duration and rate: 15 min. / CHF 36.–
Duration and rate: 30 min. / CHF 72.–

Because I am a practitioner recognized both by the RME and ASCA, the sessions are partially refunded by most complementary insurances. 
Please contact your insurance to be sure of the rate of their refund.

Individual sessions 

In order to do a complete round in the postural and structural dynamic in which you find yourself, Ida Rolf has designed a cycle of 10 Rolfing sessions which progressively helps you to transform and coordinate movements differently. Each session prepares for the following one.

It is a good idea to do a session a week for the first three sessions. Then, depending on the need and time, every two or three weeks. The last three sessions can happen once a month.

At times it is necessary to do more than 10 sessions, at times fewer. It depends on your specific needs. During the months after the sessions, the organism continues to integrate the effects of Rolfing.

Children rarely do 10 sessions and the sessions are generally shorter. They can last from 15 to 60 minutes according to their age and needs.

Unwinding of a session 

During a session there is time dedicated to the manipulation of fascias and time spent in education in gravity (Rolfing Movement)

During a session, I am attentive to your needs and real life experience. I then look at your postural alignment as you stand and walk, and I ask you to notice various sensations. This observation combined with several manual tests allows me to approach your symptoms in their globalism and to choose a personal strategy for your session.

Then I invite you to lie down on a massage table and with my hands and forearms, I work progressively with your physical structure, that is to say, on your fascial net. These manipulations give suppleness and fluidity to the different tissues. Little by little they become balanced and their tone improves. As I am working, I invite you to welcome any new perceptions that the manipulations provide and propose simple movements to do, helping you to be present to your impressions and your organisation of movement.The enhanced circulation that implements itself in the areas being worked on allows a better relationship between different body parts. The autonomic nervous system also balances itself out, permitting a healthy alternation between states of vigilance and relaxation.

Once you are back into a vertical position - sitting, standing or walking - I propose a short period of time to pay attention to how your posture is transforming itself, giving access to a new coordination of movements. Many new perceptions can emerge: the feeling of the feet being anchored, the sensation of lightness, ease of breathing, the opening of space around you and therefore a straightening up of your posture, fluidity of movement with a feeling of overall stability.The goal of Rolfing Movement is to perpetuate these new sensations by recognising them, naming them and making them your own.

When to consult ? 

Rolfing® responds to the needs of those who feel uncomfortable in their body, run down or in pain. The Rolfing method, applied by qualified practitioners, is beneficial for a large spectrum of disorders, including:

  • tension and chronic pain : back, neck, shoulder, elbow, knee, hip, ankle pain; flat feet, painful or rigid high arched feet

  • bad posture

  • distortion of the spine (lordose, kyphosis, scoliosis)

  • limited mobility

  • stress

  • too high or too low muscular tone

  • hypersensitive body perceptions or the absence of proprioceptive sensitivity


Rolfing can also respond to specific needs that we may have due to our work, our activities or to the phase of life we are currently living.

Specific needs

After traumas : accidents (broken bones , torn muscles or ligaments, overstretched tissue, whiplash, etc.) falls or violent impacts, operations, emotional shocks … in order to find ease again and connect or associate the wounded part of the body to another healthy feeling, so that the organism can fully recover.

For preventing over tightening and pain: by freeing lesions resulting from inappropriate repetitive movement, before they become real pathologies.

For workers : for those who do a physically demanding job (house-hold work or construction work), or those who sit slumped over their desk with hours of computer work (metacarpal tunnel syndrome, muscular-skeletal pain in shoulders and arms, pain in back and neck), etc.

For children : in case of sloppy posture, beginning of scoliosis, feeling of general discomfort, limited physical capacities, in order to gain more self-assurance and proper tone through the body medium.

For the elderly : in order to keep their mobility, balance and well-being

For dancers, musicians, actors and athletes: Rolfing can maximise performance, click here to know more.

For those who want to do personal development work : a stable, aligned and flexible body results in psychological well-being and helps them to be open to the external world with confidence.

For people who suffer from a negative body image : to get access to new perceptions regarding one’s relationship to one’s own body vis-à-vis the world.

Before pregnancy : in order to allow one’s myofascial tissue to become amenable to change and to encourage body awareness that favours the welcoming of a child

For pregnant women : in case of discomfort, back pain or various tension during pregnancy, in order to adapt posture to the changes happening and to alleviate tension, as well as to learn how to sit and walk comfortably.

After giving birth : in order to recover your womanly figure and balance your general muscle tone, as well as to learn how to hold your child without slumping or getting back and neck pain.

For babies : when they find it difficult to sleep, if there is visible tension, right / left imbalance, stiff neck or any other symptoms diagnosed by a paediatrician.

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