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Becoming a Rolfer

Rolfing ® Structural Integration is a protected registered mark from the Institute of Rolfing located in Boulder, Colorado, United States. In order to become a certified Rolfer, an intensive training of a year and a half or a modular training of two and a half years is necessary. Every practitioner has to go through continuing education and has a strict code of ethic to respect, assuring the quality of the method.

The Rolf Institute is the umbrella of different associations that also offer the Rolfing training, in Europe, Brazil, Australia, Canada and Japan.

In Europe the training is proposed in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Switzerland and soon Spain.

In Europe, the intensive training is only offered in Münich, Germany. Other countries offer the modular format.

I am a member of the Rolf Institute faculty and teach both the Rolfing and Rolfing Movement training. If you need more information about the training, do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Phone : +41 (0)22 344 59 04
Email :

Rolfing in the world






Rolfing in Europe

Switzerland, Geneva in french

Germany, Münich in German or English

Great Britain, London in English

Italy, Bologna in Italien

Admission requirements (PDF)


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